Why You Should Consider a Student Lead Private School for Your Kids

The National Center for Education Statistics estimates that there are approximately 130,930 K-12 schools in the US. Conventional pedagogy relies on a test-driven approach where a teacher sets all the standards, and the student needs to measure up. The teacher is also the bearer of all knowledge, while the students are assumed to have little or none. As such, the teachers do little other than just drilling conclusions to young minds who need to regurgitate the information on a test paper.

A Student Lead Private School

Acton Private Schools adopt a different approach to learning. Instead of the passive form of learning, the learner takes all the reins as regards their learning process. The student lead private school encourages autonomy and curiosity, allowing your child to take charge of the lessons, understanding, and skills they attain.

Here are five reasons why you should consider a move to a Learner-driven private school.

1. Improved Knowledge Retention

Every Acton Academy aligns to the principle of a Hero’s journey, with every learner viewed as their own genius. Your child can utilize the resources present at the student lead private school to dictate their progress. With a higher emphasis on engagement and relevance, the learner’s interest levels may greatly influence the subjects taken. Real-life scenarios relevant to their day-to-day problems make it easier for the kids to retain the knowledge, as opposed to a theoretical-based approach.

2. Foster Collaborative Learning

Another cornerstone to every Acton Private School is the integration of Socratic Discussions into the learning process. It is a query-based model that enables your child to question, think critically, and draw up their own conclusions on a specific topic. The “round table” discussions between the students and their guide provoke thought, thinking of the new concepts in a new light. The shared learning fosters teamwork and a better understanding of the courses undertaken.

3. Unique Learning Curve

In a student lead private school, the learners are taught to identify skills and talents that they need to become tomorrow’s heroes. As a unique hero’s journey, your child may have greater control over the mastery of different subjects. The guides encourage kids to focus on values, self-discipline, time management, and goal setting to enable them to pursue their dreams.

4. Makes Learning More Fun

The learners take on topics and subjects overlayed in interactive software, games, and puzzles that make the learning process more enjoyable. Besides, your child has greater control over their progression, making it more interesting to explore their subjects of interest.

5. Boost Performance at the Work-Level

The goal of a student-led approach is to help learners discover their gifts and talents and use the skills learned to change the world. Generating a proof of working concept from real-life experiences is a key feature in Acton Elementary and Academy. Learning involves identifying recipes, processes, and examples to real-life examples that equip the child with problem-solving skills necessary for the modern workplace. Additionally, the apprenticeship program allows your child to gain experience in the areas of interest.

A student lead private school adopts methodologies that spur the learner’s curiosity. Your child can have a deeper understanding of the content provided with real-life examples and applications. To enroll your child in a learner-driven private school in Chandler, AZ, reach out to East Valley Acton Academy.