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What You Can Expect When Enrolling Your Child into an Acton Private School

2020 was an odd year, with most parents counting the days to their kids getting back to school. With no in-person classes in public schools, some parents are not sure about the quality of education received during the period. Others are now questioning the longstanding standards and test-driven approaches to education for their kids. It is important to note that Acton private school was open for in-person classes.

Acton private schools provide alternative learning methodologies beyond the conventional education system. With kids spending almost a year of pandemic-induced distance learning, more parents are starting to ask questions such as “what would happen if I leave my child alone with all the resources needed to learn?”

Student-Led Private Education

As parents focus more on what post-pandemic learning might look like, an individualized approach that provides their child with more agility in their own learning process may be part of the solution. It is the learner-driven approach. In Acton private school, your child has full control of their education process, often utilizing adaptive software and quest-based projects.

Acton private schools do not have teachers. Instead, they have Socratic guides that ask questions and offer assistance. However, the guides do not explain or hover around the kid during the learning process. Students take responsibility for their education and learn to think independently, with minimal adult influence. In turn, students from Acton private schools often record scores of a grade or two higher.

Principles of a Learner Driven Private School

Although each Acton private school in the overall community has unique culture and personality, certain principles bind all institutions of the transformative journey. These include:

A Hero’s Approach to Learning

All students are heroes on a journey, geniuses waiting for the spark to be ignited. Each child is treated with respect, no matter their personality, learning style, or circumstance. Your child can utilize the resources in this learner-driven private school in AZ to dictate their progress.

Bound to Contracts Signed

All parties are bound to each other by the promises outlined in the contracts. During the application process, you may have the opportunity to discuss and review your parental contract. If agreed, you can join your child on the transformative journey as they dictate their learning. Acton private school’s promises to your child are:

  1. Start a hero’s journey
  2. Learn to be an independent, curious, and lifelong learner
  3. Cherish the arts and wonders of the physical earth
  4. Develop deep respect for the freedoms in politics, economics, and religion
  5. Discover their most precious gifts, and use them to solve problems

Growth Mindset Praise to Fuel Learning

Student-led private schools will use Socratic guides to offer growth mindset praise and personal testimony to encourage. The guide will never provide answers to questions, giving directions instead through choices and consequences to further the connection between the learners. Holding up a mirror so your child can act as a reminder of promises made by all parties.

There are over 32,000 private schools in the United States. Acton private school provides a learner-driven educational approach, providing a deeper understanding of the content provided over the superficial test-based model. To enroll your child in a student-led private school in Chandler, AZ, reach out to East Valley Acton Academy.