acton academy

What Parents Can Expect When Joining Acton Academy

Acton Academy approaches education from a different perspective. It is a private school that focuses on learning instead of focusing on grading. Private schools in the U.S. account for about 25% of the nation’s schools. 10% of all pre-K to twelfth-grade students attend private schools. Perhaps this type of schooling is right for your child.

What Can You Expect for Your Child?

Acton is a community of learners. As an Acton Academy parent, you are a key part of the community of learners. You will not find teachers at Acton. Rather, you will find guides. The goal is to make the “guides” less necessary and put the power of learning into the child’s hands.

You can expect that homework will no longer be assigned. There is no evidence that forcing a child to do homework for two hours each night expands their knowledge base. You can also expect your child to become more confident.

Your Parent Journey

At Acton, as your child begins their own Hero Journey into learning, so will you! This school believes in fostering a child’s growth, and as a parent, taking on that role will help you reach new potential, as well. You will find the experience to be rewarding and fulfilling.

A New Relationship Will Develop

As an Acton Hero, your relationship with your child will change. Your child will be less dependent on you to help them get through school and more engaged in family life. Children at Acton are given the ability to learn at their own pace, design their learning experience, and take responsibility for their learning.

Is it Right for Your Family?

Acton Academy is changing education one child at a time. Acton parents are not focused on grades, they are focused on authentic learning. Acton parents encourage their children to take self-responsibility. They do not encourage a victim mentality. They believe that their children are capable of doing great things.

Acton parents are themselves always open to new ideas and willing to take the risk and become a part of an educational adventure. Is it right for you and your family? That is completely up to you. If you are ready to look at a new way of educating your child that engages your child’s love of learning, Acton Academy may be the right choice for your family. Learn more today.