learner driven private school

What It’s Like to Attend a Learner Driven Private School

In the US, there are 87,498 elementary schools. If you’ve decided to have your child attend a learner driven private school, you may be wondering what they can expect. Enrolling in a new school can be both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Your child may have a lot of questions. In this article, we will attempt to assuage your worries and give you and your child an idea of what to expect. When you’re both feeling confident, then you can get them started at an Acton private school and see their education journey take off.

No Homework

At Acton Academy, your child will not be subjected to time-consuming and brain-numbing homework. Upon completion of the school day, you’ll be able to spend time with them instead of sending them to their room to do their work. This means more time for bonding and family activities. Everything your child needs to succeed will take place in the classroom. You can feel confident in the high-quality lessons they’ll receive without needing a supplement like homework.

No Ranking

Your child will not be competing against other students for the best grades. Rather, they will grow independently and improve themselves day-to-day. Personal growth is valued at this learner driven private school. Your child won’t feel that they are doing bad even if they’re doing their best due to the ranking systems of traditional schools. They won’t feel in competition against their friends. This will ease the stress off of them while letting them focus on the parts of their education that actually matter. They’ll learn for learning’s sake.

No Testing

Regular testing as mandated in traditional schools only serves to stress students out. They might excel in a subject but bomb the test. Testing is not an accurate way to measure a student’s success, and tying a student’s worth to a number is damaging to them. At an Acton learner driven private school, students earn badges as a way to measure their growth. This rewarding system encourages them to pursue what they’re interested in, and that interest will translate to success naturally. The stress will be eliminated and leave room only for a genuine will to learn.

Ready to get your child started on their journey at Acton private schools? With no homework, no ranking, and no testing, you can expect a high-quality and encouraging schooling experience free of stress.