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What Is a Learner Driven Private School?

The conventional school model has become monotonous and is no longer offering a satisfactory learning approach. Each learner is abled differently. That is why a one-fits-all type of school would not be beneficial for the successful development of a student. A learner driven private school is an answer not only for the students but also for educators and parents. Given that up to 1,089,384 students attend school in Arizona, the quality of education may be diminished since each learner may not get the attention they deserve. If you are a parent dissatisfied with mainstream school services and their mode of instruction, this learner driven model comes as an alternative.

Acton Is Different

A learner driven private school offers a wide range of opportunities for students to exercise their independence and thrive in an enabling environment. Whereas the majority of private schools are a great alternative, Acton Private School stands out from the rest due to its focus on learner-based discussions, hands-on skills, and real-life skills. The general notion of using the same approach in educating all learners does not apply in a learner driven private school. Here are examples of how Acton Private School has established itself as a top learner driven private school.

No Ranking

We all know what ranking does to students’ esteem, especially those who do not perform exceptionally well. Acton Private School has abolished the tests, grading, and homework. Learners are acknowledged for their exemplary performance in their areas of expertise. The option to participate in standardized tests rests solely on the learners. A learner has the freedom to make their choices and is not subjected to homework-related stress.

Unique Journey

Each learner at Acton Private School is acknowledged as a unique individual. Teachers are only there to help learners discover their unique calling and assist them in developing it. A learner is at liberty to try out different areas of academic skills as well as social-emotional skills. Once they have settled on a particular area, they are encouraged to put their best foot forward and earn badges as a representation of mastery in the particular subject. By encouraging autonomy, the approach allows the children to wander to self-discovery, self-governance, and self-confidence to pursue their dreams. For a more effective and learner driven approach, Acton Private School has all your needs covered.