learner driven private school

What Does it Mean to Be a Learner Driven Private School?

It can be difficult to find the right school for your children if you aren’t happy with what you’re currently dealing with. A lot of people send their children to public school because they don’t realize that there are other options available. But even sending your children to a well-rated public school doesn’t mean that they will receive the education that they need. Additionally, not all private schools are right for all children. Many parents are not aware of the existence of learner driven private schools, never mind what they offer to children.

What Is a Learner Driven Private School?

Right now, 1,089,384 children attend school in Arizona. Many of these children would potentially be eligible to attend learner driven private schools, and a major reason why they aren’t is that the definition of a learner driven private school is something many aren’t familiar with. Essentially, a learner driven private school focuses more on giving children a wider range of opportunities to learn. There is a hands-on approach, and an interesting concentration on real life skills as well.

What Are Some Features of Learner Driven Private Schools?

While all schools are individual on some level, there are certain features that you can look for in learner driven private schools that you wouldn’t necessarily see in other types of schools, public or private. A learner driven private school may go without things like tests, homework, and even grades in general. This means that the students themselves decide whether or not they will take standardized tests. They are able to focus on their individual journeys, rather than worrying about where they rank in their classes.

Learner driven private schools also tend to allow students to pursue their own interests more, and to study those interests more than they would study more generalized subjects. If a student is uniquely interested in art, for example, they would spend much more time studying art than they would spend studying mathematics. This allows the students to play to their own strengths, and to grow organically rather than forcing themselves to study things that they aren’t interested in.

There are a lot of considerations to make before choosing a learner driven private school for your children. No school is right for every child, but this option could be right for yours.