Week 9

We are in our final week of Physics challenges! These brains have been working overtime learning and designing. This has been a particularly challenging Quest for some, while others meet these challenges head-on! Lots of talks this week about what we need to do to get from our Panic Zone back into our Challenge Zone. Onto reflecting over our work these past 4 weeks and preparing challenges for Exhibition guests next week.???

We started this week with a group discussion on a growth mindset. At Acton Academy, failure is viewed as an opportunity to learn something. It’s not easy to see opportunity in failure, but we constantly ask at Acton, “what do you think you’ll learn from this experience?” The growth mindset also looks at others with the perspective that they have worked hard for their accomplishments. A Hero experience failure and chose to get back up. Our young Heroes are still learning to conquer the “monster” that says “it’s not worth it to get up and try again.”

Historical Fiction seems to be contagious in our studio for the last two weeks. Caught! Doing dishes listening to an audiobook. Reading has become a wonderful problem in our studio!

Coach J finds new ways each week to make the muscles burn! This week she incorporated hill challenges to the ladder work they have been practicing.

Free time every day consists of a variety of activities. This week the learners taught themselves how to play Croquet, while others enjoy indoor games as we wrap up the hot season.