Week 8

Work hard, play hard, and change the world!

This Session, East Valley Acton Academy Roadrunners are diving into the world of Physics, exploring the effects of gravity, forces, and masses. Using the skills acquired, Roadrunners will create a prototype of a new toy! This week the learners designed and built a catapult to launch pennies and a marble run with 3 simple machines. Lots of excitement when the launched pennies broke a light fixture and they decided to take the competition outside!!!???

We continued to roleplay situations that force us to think about our reactions. Recently we introduced Hero Bucks and how to use them to uphold a high standard in the studio. Roleplay has been a fun way to model talking to someone in frustrating situations. They take great pleasure in performing examples of poor behavior! ?

All over the world, learners at Acton Academy have been working on a lip-dub or music video as part of their team-building challenge. All videos have been submitted and its time for us to watch them so we can vote on the winners in Elementary/ Middle Scholl and Launchpad (High School). This has created a great sense of community for our learners as they see other studios around the world. Maybe we will have a few pen pals that emerge out of this experience???

In Writer’s Workshop, we’ve continued to explore the world of Memoirs. We read a chapter from “Marshfield Dreams: When I Was A Kid,” and continued to work on writing our Memoirs. The creative juice is flowing now…it’s very exciting to see the transformation from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset!

I hope your weekend will be!