Week 7

We had another full and fabulous week here at Acton Academy.

We started our second week of Physics Quest with our focus on resisting gravity. The learners eagerly dived into making boats that could hold the most weight without sinking.

Additional hands-on projects: making a rubberband rope then a net to catch our egg on the egg drop. What a messy Friday!

Numbers Lab gives the learners a place to share challenging math problems to solve together or work with manipulatives. We are also reading through the quirky Life of Fred series, which is a literature-based approach to arithmetic.

In Art, the Roadrunners have been working on their individual clay projects. Several works of art are drying, and getting ready for paint.

We welcomed our first Entrepreneurial guest speaker, Mr. Tyler with Birdgang Travel Club. He shared with us his experience starting a business, the advantages, and disadvantages of having a business partner, and the importance of failing early and cheaply. Thank you Tyler!

While the weeks seem to fly by faster and faster, it is still remarkable how bonded our group has become in such a short time.

Popular games in the studio: Chess and Skull King