Week 5

We have spent a lot of time these last five weeks establishing rituals and traditions within our day and building a sense of community which will lead to more meaningful collaboration on projects and discoveries as we move forward. We have also laid the foundation for understanding what it means to be on a Hero’s Journey and the importance of this.

As the exhibition drew near, there was lots of nervous energy as they prepared for the unknown. Much debate went into what would be shown, what would be put in the portfolio, and the role of each learner during the exhibition. D.E.A.R. seemed to offer a much-needed break from all the build-up this week.

In the mornings, learners continued to work on their charcoal and soft pastel with Ms. Ruth and their strength training and coordination skills with Coach J. In P.E.

We had a series of “writing workshops” in this session, with the focus on Poetry. Learners practiced Haiku, Free Verse, and Ode. Two learners were so proud of their poems, they chose to read them at the exhibition.

Getting an early start on Physics…inspired by Hero, Alfred Einstein

When we come back to school in a week, we will begin our Quest on Physics. Have a great break!