Week 4

We had a productive week here at Acton Academy. With the students directing themselves more and more in the choices they make for their core work, we were able to spend a lot of time this week talking about what being a hero means to us and what it means to be on a Hero’s Journey. We had several intense, meaningful conversations that resulted in a multi‐faceted definition of hero with contributions from each learner.

A Hero Is…

“A hero…is someone who has or will make a good change in the world…is someone who develops and practices their talents so that they can help others…is someone who has lots of courage…is someone who takes care of themselves so that they can help others…is someone who sets a good example that people look up to…is someone who would do anything to help others…is someone who cares about other people…is someone you depend on…is someone who creates things to help other people…is someone who teaches you something valuable…We are all heroes in our own way.”

We welcomed 2 studio pets this week. The first pet is a fish that was voted on during the first week in Pitch-a-Fish. The second pet was a surprise…we now have a bearded dragon. It was easy to decide who would feed the animals, not as easy to decide who would clean their habitat.

For Physical Education with Coach J, she introduced strength training and throwing activities. Lots of sore muscles and tired arms!

D.E.A.R. has become a time of day we all look forward to. I heard one learner say this week while looking at the schedule: “Oh! Only 30 minutes of D.E.A.R.! Why so short?”

The learners took their first field trip this week to the Chandler Water Treatment Center. I don’t think the learners were all that excited about going, but when they got there, there was great interest. It was truly a privilege to see behind the scenes on making safe drinking water.


Popular Games This Week: Rat-a-Tat Cat and Check the Fridge