Week 22

This past week was productive and fun, with students showing no sign of being anxious as the exhibition day draws near. Learners discovered their Independent Learner Badge in Journey Tracker… filled with lots of fun INDEPENDENT challenges. One of their challenges was to bake a loaf of bread, resulting in messy kitchens across Gilbert and Chandler!


Each student has had the opportunity to experiment with the different robots in the studio over the last four weeks as they worked on their Code.org express training. On Friday, during Town Hall, the learners voted which teams would program the different robots over the next two weeks.

I received 3 large totes full of fabric scraps which the learners devoured.  An assembly team quickly formed to create blankets for beds, a flag, and some were purposed to reinforce weak points on their fort. The Valentine’s Day Committee is using fabric to make banners for the party.  Energy has been “through the roof” during Art!

As learners worked towards earning additional badges during core skills and work cycle this week, there were several surprising victories and silent dance celebrations!