Week 21

Another full week at East Valley Acton Academy had students asking great questions, making discoveries, working hard, and having fun! Students began the week by rereading the Contract and Rules of Engagement that they wrote at the beginning of the year, recommitting to them at what is almost our halfway point in the school year.

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, students took to the great outdoors. Bugs galore this week!

The excitement during Quest time continued with groups taking on the challenge of building and programming robots and working on completing their code.org coursework. Major accomplishments included: locating & loading the software needed for their specific robot, programming a robot to move across a table, and updating software on robot motors. With three weeks left to rebuild and code the robots, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

The charcoal drawings came to life this week with people adding soft pastel. Ms. Mary joined us again to offer tips on drawing, shading, and perspective.

Children are our greatest “teachers.” This week our older students provided demonstrations of various Spark Play and Work Cycle Activities.

Coach Jenn continues to have an abundance of grace as the Acton Roadrunners continue the life long practice of Yoga. They have moved through kid-friendly postures and breathing techniques to calm, balance, strengthen and have fun!

Trial and error…School newspaper fizzled out! Several learners are working on their Writer’s Workshop Badge and writing a letter to a Hero. What hero would you write?

Three thumbs up for a great week at Acton Academy!