It was another full and meaningful week. Students delved deeper into their individual core work in reading, writing (poetry) and math. As a group, we continued to get to know each other and work through similarities and differences that create conflict and opportunity for thoughtful resolution.

In PE, learners played games that allowed them to see the value in working together as a team. Nothing like soapy hands to turn up the excitement when playing hot potato! We talked about sportsmanship and what kind of person we want to be when we play a game.

With Ms. Ruth, learners experimented with technique in charcoal. Some embraced the messiness and have black hands by the end, while others are content to use charcoal pencils that keep things a bit cleaner.

We also discussed the idea that everyone has a comfort zone (in which they feel comfortable and safe, but are not really learning anything new), a challenge zone (in which they are pushing themselves to try different things that might be a little scary, but that will help them to learn and grow), and a panic zone (in which they are pushing themselves too hard and are actually too uncomfortable to learn or gain anything from the experience) – and that these zones are different for different people.

Energy has been high with our Survivor Challenges. Do you know what insects and plants you can eat in Arizona? Can you untie a knot with only one hand? As a class, this year we will strive to challenge and encourage one another in all of our learning endeavors!

Books that were hard to keep on the shelf this week: Big Nate, Dory Fantasmagory, Box Car Children, and Ordinary People That Change the World.

Popular Games in the Studio this week: Gubs, King Domino and Mastermind.