Week 18

Ancient Greece: Acton Athens

Time Travel…Socrates

Participating in a Socratic Smackdown. Discussing topics like “Agree or Disagree: Democracy is only as effective as the education system that surrounds it.” Volunteer Judges, rate the discussion and points made.


…Sparta…Athens…Greek Mythology…

Learning about Greece and its surrounding countries. Salt Dough Map of Greece.

Learning about Ancient Greece’s home life. Knitting, sculpting, and making music.

Math and Writing in Ancient Greece? Learners made “wax” writing tablets and an abacus. Can you do write on wax and do the math on an ancient abacus?


Typically our learners set daily and weekly goals. We concluded this session by setting academic and leadership goals to complete by the end of the next session. Learning to set goals is something that takes practice and this is a big step for our learners. If I would have set goals for them, I know I wouldn’t have challenged them nearly as much as they are pushing themselves. Way to go Acton Roadrunners!


Have a great winter holiday break!