Week 17

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Our 4th session Quest is an intense focus on Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology.

In Writer’s Workshop, the learners have discussed and compared the Greek world view to the contemporary view. Several enjoyed writing a biographical poem where they explored the things they love and incorporated character traits they want to have.

Physical Education and Art have been higher energy than usual. With the introduction of the Olympic Training Gym and Potato Olympics, the learners are exploring their physical limits (and their potatoes). Several have been challenging themselves to improve their physical ability from the start of this session to the end. How much do you think they will improve?

Our designated Quest time is on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but like most Acton Heroes, they have chosen to spend a good portion of their free time continuing their work. The majority of this quest is independent projects, a nice break for them from the group work during Zoology! The learners pay coins to purchase supplies and rent materials, then get paid for their completed excellent work, if approved by another learner.

During Civilization, the young Heroes have been VERY engaged as we go through the history of Greece. Here is one of our discussion questions this week, which side would you defend? Imagine you are a citizen in Ancient Greece. Which is more important to you?

  • Having a strong military to protect you, or
  • Having a voice in government, thanks to democracy

See you next week!