Week 11

Welcome to our third session! It’s going to be another fantastic session packed with hands-on projects and deep work. Every day our learners arrive with fresh eyes eager to tackle the tasks of the day. We began the session with a launch on Growth Mindset: Where aspects of your life do you view with a growth mindset? or a fixed mindset? I’m always surprised by the depth of their responses!

There was a lot of excitement as they began preparing the wall for their mural. The conversation drifted to what it would be like to paint to earn a living. When they were getting started, a few said they would enjoy being a painter. After 45 minutes, tired arms, and wrists…It lost its allure.

PE is shifting to basketball as the weather continues to cool. One learner volunteered to lead the warm-up jog around the park while another learner tested their core/arm strength in isolated planks. To their surprise, wall-sits isn’t sitting on the wall???.