Week 10

To conclude our second session and prepare for the exhibition, they spent a lot of time reflecting this week. Reflecting on successes, failures, “I can’t moments,” where our tribe was strong and weak. According to research at the Harvard Business School, learning from direct experience can be more effective if coupled with reflection and it builds one’s self-efficacy, which means confidence in the ability to achieve a goal, which in turn translates into higher rates of learning. They completed peer to peer feedback where they rate each other on their overall performance during the session, and spend time making goals for the next session based on the feedback they received.

There was so much energy this week! It’s not something easy to capture on camera, but I think the studio was about to explode with anticipation moments before the visitors arrived for their exhibition.


It’s hard to say what the learners were more excited to present at the exhibition. Their memoirs turned out to be some of their best work yet! Several learners plan to continue their work on memoirs next session. Most learners were challenged to the point of wanting to quit during a challenge or two during the Physics Quest. They were very excited to throw at their parents some of the challenges they struggled with.

Its been a messy yet beautiful Session 2. Have a good break!