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The Benefits of No Ranking in Schools

The education a child receives will set them up for the rest of their life, either for better or for worse. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your child gets a quality schooling experience. In the United States, there are 130,930 K through 12th-grade schools. Acton private school does things differently than the traditional public school system you may be familiar with. At Acton, students are not ranked, and grades work differently. Here are some of the benefits of this type of schooling system.

No Competition

At an Acton private school, students learn for the sake of learning, not to compete with other students. With the ranking system of traditional schools, students only need to do better than their peers. And if they’re shooting for the top of the class, then friendships can turn into rivalries and create undue pressure and stress. Education becomes about rank and not about learning. At Acton, that all disappears since students are not compared against each other. Rather, their success is measured by their own personal growth.

Students Aren’t Bound to a Number

With the amount of pressure and stress that a ranking system puts on students, it’s easy for a child’s rank to become part of their identity. They may excel at a particular subject but be unable to outperform their peers, which then reflects in a low rank. Such a system is disheartening and takes the joy out of learning what they otherwise might actually be interested in. Such a loop is broken at Acton Academy. Without ranks, students are free to pursue what they enjoy, and in turn, they will excel at those things.

Accurately Measure Success

Using rank to measure a student is simply inaccurate. Since it only measures a child against the rest of their class, it doesn’t show the extent of their capabilities. For example, a school full of perfect students will have one of those students at the bottom of the class, which will make that student inaccurately seem less than perfect. Acton private schools, on the other hand, measure success by a student’s growth in particular skills. They are only measured against themselves, and their accomplishments are what dictates their potential.

Not using a ranking system in schools only makes sense. Doing so will remove competition between students, take the pressure off of students’ true abilities, and more accurately measure their success. To get your child started on their journey in excellent education, reach out to Acton Academy today!