Swagtron Multicolor SwagBOARD EVO Freestyle Hoverboard Bluetooth Speaker Light-Up Wheels, 7 MPH Max Speed

Swagtron Multicolor SwagBOARD EVO Freestyle Hoverboard Bluetooth Speaker Light-Up Wheels, 7 MPH Max Speed

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Tired of bland hoverboard designs? Then let your personality shine with the swagBOARD EVO Freestyle. Fun . quirky cartoon characters transform your ordinary ride into an epic adventure! The vibrant and fun colors pop . showing off your unique style as you zip through the neighborhood. And best of all . it has all the features you expect from SWAGTRON: wireless speaker . light up LED wheels . and a safety-first focus with exclusive . UL-compliant LiFePo battery technology.

With support for kids and teens up to 160 pounds . the EVO Freestyle is the perfect choice for riders of all skill levels. We added smart auto-balancing technology to make riding easier for everyone. With this tech . the board automatically balances as soon as it's powered on. This smooths out the learning curve . making it easier for newer riders to learn proper balance and riding technique.

The dual high-torque motors accelerate up to 7 MPH for a thrilling ride . and last as far as 5 miles per charge. Ultra-responsive controls make maneuvering a breeze - from gliding past obstacles to making crowd-pleasing 360-degree turns.

Moms and dads can rest easy knowing that the battery and electrical systems passed rigid safety tests . and the LiFePO4 internal battery is noncombustible and nonflammable from puncture . damage or charging when used as intended. Combined with maintenance-free rubber tires and an impact-resistant frame . the EVO Freestyle is tough enough to withstand a beating-or a yeeting.

But the SWAG doesn't stop there! A teenager without their music is like a summer day without sunshine. The Bluetooth hoverboard easily connects to your phone . letting you stream from all major music apps - Apple Music . Spotify & more. The 90dB speaker blast popping beats . bringing the party wherever you are.

Eye-catching illustrations. Vibrant colors. Thumping tunes. Don't settle for the same-old same-old-pick up the swagBOARD EVO Freestyle today!

(All riders . regardless of age . should wear protective gear . including age-appropriate knee pads . elbow pads . and an ASTM-approved helmet while riding the swagBOARD EVO Freestyle.)

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