Campingsurvivals 26in 7-Speed Commuter Bicycle, Adjustment Height Multi-Use City Bike Pink

Campingsurvivals 26in 7-Speed Commuter Bicycle, Adjustment Height Multi-Use City Bike Pink

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1.Made from high-carbon steel . this cruiser bike's low step-through frame makes getting on and off the bike a breeze.

2.The 7-speed bicycle provide effortless riding for all skill levels. 

3.This beauty even comes with fenders to keep you dry and clean . and a basket for your stuff.

4.Carry goods home from the store or fill the basket with food for an outdoor picnic.

5.Enjoy a smooth and effortless ride with the extra cushioned seat.

6.Ride with ease and avoid unnecessary stress on your body.

7.The comfortable seat and wide handlebars are great for long leisurely rides or commutes to and from work.

8.The low step-through frame and comfortable seat are perfect for long rides around the neighborhood . park . or beach. 


1. Product Size: 26 Inches

2. Cushion Height Adjustment Height Range: 830 ~ 930mm

3. Gear Position: Shimano 7-Speed

4. Logo: Cam Ping Survivals

5. Frame: High Carbon Steel

6. Rim: 26-Inch Aluminum Alloy Single-Layer Rim

7. Front Fork: High Carbon Steel Hard Fork

8. Handlebar: High Carbon Steel Handlebar 580mm

9. Stem: Aluminum Alloy Stem

10. Front And Rear Brakes: High Carbon Steel Front And Rear V Brakes

11. Roulette High Carbon Steel Roulette: Single Piece

12. Shift Lever: Shimano Rs35-7R Shift Lever 7-Speed

13. Front And Rear Derailleur: Shimano Tz500 Rear Derailleur

14. Front And Rear Hubs: High Carbon Steel Hubs 36H

15. Chain: Guimeng Chain

16. Pedal: Plastic Pedal

17. Saddle: Mountain Bike Saddle Puv Pu Pp

18. Saddle Tube: High Carbon Steel

19. Quick Release: High Carbon Steel Quick Release

20. Car Ladder: High Carbon Steel Car Ladder

21. Tire: Wanda Tire 26*1-3/8 With Wandking Logo

             Kirin Inner Tube 26*1-3/8 A/V Butyl"

22. Front And Rear Reflectors: Front White And Rear Red

23. Luminous Film: White

Package Includes:

1 x Commuter Bike

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