Montessori in our Spark Studio


What happens when combining Dr. Maria Montessori with Acton Academy?

Our Spark Studio, ages four to seven, combines the best of the Montessori and Emilia Reggio’s approach to learning, emphasizing inquiry-based, child-driven learning, with the Hero’s Journey narrative. At East Valley Acton Academy, students participate in a holistic learning environment, one in which their mind, body, and spirit are cultivated and challenged. Students learn to know, learn to do, and learn to be through the critical components of our curriculum model.

Core skills are the essential toolkit that students need to master to become lifelong learners. Students will spend their mornings in the studio, engaging in math, reading, and writing activities of their choice. We carefully prepare the environment with Montessori materials and various “provocations” (or inquiry centers) for the young heroes to explore and investigate. Students use a badge tracking sheet to track individual progress and prove mastery of core skills.

The primary purpose of the Hero’s Journey is to inspire students to discover emerging passions and ultimately find a calling. A calling is defined as where gifts, joy, and a deep burning need intersect. Students will identify the essential character traits needed to reach their goals in the Spark Studio and be guided in developing the habits required of a “Hero.” Students in the Spark Studio earn “Learning to Be” badges when they master the requirements of positive character, focused learner, project learner, problem-solver, Socratic discussion, and leadership foundation.