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Is an Acton Private School the Right Choice for Your Family?

In the United States, there are 32,461 private schools. However, not all private schools are the same, and some take traditional methods of learning and turn them on their head. Acton Private schools are schools designed for the 21st century, and they take into account how children learn and how they can foster every child’s natural gifts. If you are tired of sorting through private school reviews searching for the perfect school for your family, maybe it’s time to try a different approach.

What Are Acton Private Schools?

Acton academies are quickly springing up all across the world. Touting an educational revolution, these schools focus on hands-on real-world skills, Socratic discussions, and adaptive game-based core learning skills.

Acton schools engage children in a fun and hands-on way that makes learning interesting. This helps to foster their natural curiosity as opposed to having it quashed in favor of following one set path. Adaptive learning like this can help children follow their inclinations and further hone the unique skills and gifts that they were born with.

What Is a Hero’s Journey?

Acton schools emphasize starting children on their own ‘hero’s journey.’ This entails believing that every child has a special calling in life and that it is part of the duty of teachers and schools to help children find what they are meant to do.

This approach differs from others as it places a great emphasis on the individuality and uniqueness of each child. Children in Acton schools all get the chance to explore and learn how to make the most of their life’s story.

No Tests, No Grades, and No Homework

Another way Acton schools differ is in that they forgo traditional grading, testing, and homework. Instead, children earn badges that represent their mastery of particular academic or social-emotional skills. Children will also have the option to participate in annual standardized exams to help measure the effectiveness of their programs. By taking this approach, the stress of learning is removed and it’s replaced with the freedom to make choices and learn in a way that is best for every child.

If you’re looking for a school that takes a modern approach to schooling, consider an Acton school in your area and speak with the administration to learn more about how this unique approach to learning could benefit your child.