How To Pick Out The Right Middle School for Your Child

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), there are approximately 32,461 private schools in the United States. Private schools account for 25% of the nation’s schools and enroll 10% of all K-12 grade students.

Switching schools can be overwhelming for any kid. It can become more stressful if the move occurs when your child is entering middle school. They may be at a critical stage, transitioning to adolescence. Growing into a young adult may bring changes to their bodies, social activities, and self-confidence. It is important to find the right private school in Chandler, AZ, that can accommodate your child for a holistic learning experience.

Here are five tips to help you select the right middle school for your child;

1. Consider Your Child’s Needs First

Most parents are gradually identifying the loopholes within the conventional learning methodologies in most institutions. The student may never have control over their learning progress, attending whiteboard lectures, sitting on front-facing desks, and awaiting state-mandated tests to verify their education.

Taking your child’s interests in the education process is the first step to enabling them to take responsibility for their learning process. Acton private schools believe that every learner is a genius on a hero’s journey. Students take ownership of their learning by taking charge of the lessons, understanding, and skills learned during their academic year. Your child can become a curious, independent, lifelong learner.

2. Inquire About Their Approach to Learning

Additionally, you may need to check the middle school’s approach to teaching and learning. How is the child assessed? Acton Academy is a student-led private school that supports your child to bring out their unique genius to change the world.

Instead of a front-standing teacher who is the bearer of all knowledge in the traditional setting, Acton has Socratic guides. The guides engage the learners in Socratic discussions, a question-based learning system designed to provoke thought among the students.

The school has two learning studios: the Spark studio for kids aged 4-8 and the Discovery studio for kids aged 8-13 that is similar to a middle school. Acton believes that kids learn best when working together with other students that are older and younger than them.

Without the worry of burdensome homework and frequent test-taking, students celebrate their mastery of the hero’s journey by earning badges, assembling portfolios, and taking part in public exhibitions. Parents may also use the JourneyTracker or the school’s app to monitor progress in core skills such as arithmetic, writing, reading, and character development.

3. Find Out the Admission’s Procedures

You may also need to find out the admissions process for the middle school. What is the tuition? What other fees and expenses are required? To enroll at East Valley Acton Academy, you may need to schedule a campus tour to learn more about the school. You can then proceed to submit an online application, after which your child is invited to spend a day at the campus. A preliminary admission decision is then provided within a week after the visitor’s day.

Finding the right middle school for your child is critical to their transformation into adulthood. If you wish to enroll your kids in a student-led private school, contact East Valley Acton Academy.