learner driven private school

How a Learner Driven Approach Can Transform Education

In Arizona, there are up to 1,089,394 students in schools. Providing quality education is still a challenge for many parents and institutions. One solution is to adopt a learner centered methodology to education to encourage curiosity and autonomy. In this article, we’ll examine some of the principles of the learner driven approach.

Learning to Be Versus Learning to Know

Children are naturally curious, and modern education needs to encourage them to be inquisitive. To understand the essence of learner centered philosophy, you should appreciate the difference between learning and knowing.

When the mind is in the learning mode, it is actively seeking new information. In that frame, you are expecting to extend your sphere of knowledge with data and information. Knowing is a more passive mode, where the brain seeks to hold onto the current framework of understanding.

In a learner driven private school like Acton, the teacher only asks questions to allow students to get into the learning mode. During class sessions, instructors avoid making statements as much as possible. That way, the sessions encourage the students to be inquisitive. This is not only good for creativity development but it also allows students to learn how to be solution oriented rather than being blame-fixated.

Who Am I and Where Am I Going?

In Acton, a learner driven private school, all children are considered to be talented and heroes in the making. The school equips learners with tools they can use to make decisions by themselves. Those tools help students answer the question, who am I and where am I going?

A student led private school will teach students to focus on self-management, time discipline, goal setting, and self-governance. With those values, students have the confidence to pursue their dreams and come up with new ideas.

Which Skills Can I Master?

In Acton, children are taught to identify the skills they need to become tomorrow’s heroes. Students learn to take responsibility for their learning.

Because every student is different, in private schools with learner centered education, the curriculum principally emphasizes targets. The focus is on the mastery of the subject and not the time it takes to complete the test. It allows for every child to get a fair chance at learning any concept they put their mind to.

Engaging in Real-World Experiences

Generate proof of working principles of a concept from real-world experiences. Acton Elementary accepts that all students have exceptional talents that they can tap into. The school has a rule that no instructor should teach a student unless they believe in their talents.

Instructors can enhance education through gaming software which provides an engaging environment where children can share with peers. The class may include games like the Rosetta stone or Civilization.

Quality Monitoring and Evaluation

In a student lead private school like Acton private school, guiding students is central to the progress of the student. The monitoring and evaluation effort has to involve parents and learners alike. Every week, parents can give their views on what is working and what is not.

Time to Try a Learner Driven Private School

A learner centered approach adopts strategies that spur the child’s curiosity. In learner driven private schools, the instructors also teach students to prepare for the future with life skills. The students can learn self-discipline, time management, and self-governance. Children are heroes on a journey, and they deserve to find their calling.